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PARI BOY SX Nebulizer - 085G3001

PARI BOY SX Nebulizer

Buy PARI BOY SX Nebulizer, the specialist - fast and variable

Model Number:085G3001

PARI BOY SX Nebulizer Nebulizer consists of PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser (blue insert),
Connection Tubing (f/m), Mouthpiece, Child Mask and Adult Mask

PARI Nebulizer is ideal choice with extra equipment

Short inhalation time – less than 5 min. (with salbutamol) for 2.5ml Inhalation Solution (blue insert)

Selectable aerosol spectrum allows the targeted use for the central or peripheral region of the lung

Optional intermittent nebulising for combined physiotherapy

Optimal breathing manoeuvre – due to the integrated PIF Control

The high performance and extra equipment of the
PARI BOY SX Nebulizer make it the right choice for treating severe
diseases of the airway (e.g. COPD, Cystic Fibrosis). The powerful PARI BOY SX compressor in combination with the
PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser ensures short inhalation times.

Other equipment features include the LC interrupter and the PIF Control (Peak Inspiratory Flow).

The PIF control recognises when somebody is breathing too quickly and helps patients learn the correct breathing technique
This is important as breathing slowly is imperative if the medication is to be transported past the throat into the lungs.

The LC interrupter can be used to select either intermittent or continuous nebulising.
Inhalation treatment in intermittent mode also helps to economise further on medication.
The PARI BOY SX Nebulizer nebulizer is suitable for patients aged 4 years and older.

PARI BOY SX Technical Specifications

PARI Nebulizer Aerosol characteristics

PARI TurboBOY SX compressor in combination with PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser (blue insert)

PARI BOY SX Nebulizer compressor in combination with PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser (blue insert)

Total Output Rate: 600mg/min

MMD (mass median diameter): 3.5µm

Mass percentage below 5µm: 67%

PARI BOY SX Nebulizer compressor in combination with PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser (red insert)

Total Output Rate: 450mg/min

MMD (mass median diameter): 2.2µm

Mass percentage below 5µm: 89%

Measurement with the Malvern Mastersizer X (calculated according to the Fraunhofer model) at
23oC, 50% relative humidity, nebulised medium: 0.9% NaCl (5ml), inspiratory flow 20l/min.

PARI BOY SX Nebulizer Price


Electrical connection: 230V~ / 50Hz / 0,7A

Device width: 19.2cm

Device height: 14.5cm

Device depth: 15cm

Weight: 1.7kg

Pressure: 1.6bar

Technical tests

All PARI medical devices and PARI medical device accessories are CE-approved, that is to say, they satisfy the
requirements of DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL of June 14, 1993 on medical devices.

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