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Philips Respironics REMstar Basic M Series CPAP Device


Brand: Philips Respironics

Model: REMstar Basic M Series

Model Number: DS100

Warranty: 2 years

Respironics’ REMstar M Series redefines the entry-level CPAP market.  It is smaller, sleeker and easier to use to better fit with a patient’s sleep environment and lifestyle.






Brand: DSA®

Model: PURE WATER for Healthcare Devices

Since the pure water is indipensable for medical, biomedical and  healthcare devices, DSA® PURE WATER is exclusively adopted and recommended for oxygen concentrators, medical humidifiers, and sleep apnea therapy units like CPAP, Auto CPAP, and BPAP.  Today, choosing pure water for disposable water using devices enhances the quailty of the service and extends lifetime.





DeVilbiss Healthcare® IntelliPAP® Bilevel S CPAP (SleepCube BPAP S)


Brand: DeVilbiss Healthcare

Model: IntelliPAP (SleepCube) Bilevel S CPAP

Model Number: DV55 / DV55D-HH (With heated humidifier)

Warranty: 3 years




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