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Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle 250 Auto CPAP


Brand:Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Model: SleepStyle 250 Auto

Model Number: HC254

Warranty: 2 Years

The Auto CPAP Solution with SensAwake™

  • Pressure on demand with advanced flow-based auto-adjusting technology
  • Unique SensAwake™ Technology for personalized sleep treatment
  • Detailed efficacy reporting through PerformanceMaximizer™ software
  • Two-way communication, including data transfer and remote setting adjustment, via the USB SmartStick™ 
  • Ambient Tracking™ Plus humidification technology.

Innovation + Personalization = Outstanding Results
The SleepStyle™ 200 Auto Series delivers outstanding clinical, patient-care and commercial results due to its innovative SensAwake™ Technology and its unique ability to personalize sleep comfort to the needs of the patient.

Auto-adjusting Pressure
The versatile Auto CPAP device can be used as a titration and long-term treatment solution for your patients. The flow-based auto-adjusting algorithm detects and effectively responds to flow limitations, apneas and hypopneas.

Flow Limitations:

Pressure increases in response to flow limitations up to the maximum set pressure.


Pressure increases in response to apneas, up to a predetermined level, programmable by the physician.


Pressure increases in response to both central and obstructive hypopneas up to the same predetermined level programmed for apneas. Above this level the algorithm will continue to respond to obstructive hypopneas.

SensAwake ™
Patients commonly arouse from sleep and experience awake states, during which they are intolerant of the delivered pressure and can have difficulty returning to sleep. To aid the transition back to sleep, patient comfort is critical.
SensAwake uses flow to monitor patients’ breathing patterns, senses the critical awake state and promptly reduces the delivered pressure. SensAwake™, together with the advanced auto-adjusting system, personalizes treatment during sleep and awake states. SensAwake™ facilitates the return to sleep to increase sleep quality and ultimately improve therapy uptake.

The new treatment efficacy reporting software, PerformanceMaximizer™, offers detailed reporting on therapy effectiveness,including compliance, AHI, leak and pressure.

is a comprehensive patient management system

  • reports any 30 consecutive nights of usage and efficacy using a selectable date range
  • reports on compliance of ≥ 4 hours per night, within 30 consecutive days of use
  • reports seven nights of detailed efficacy data
  • reports cumulative data from first use
  • allows the printing, saving or emailing of reports
  • allows for the easy download of data with the SmartStick™

The SmartStick™ is removable media, unique to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare utilizing USB technology. No additional cables or card readers are necessary.
The two-way communication between PerformanceMaximizer™ and the SmartStick™ allows the clinician to remotely access patient efficacy data, as well as adjust the device settings.
Changes saved to the SmartStick™ will automatically transfer to the device when the SmartStick™ is re-inserted into the device by the patient.

True Integration
The SleepStyle™ 200 Auto Series is designed for integrated simplicity and enhanced patient comfort. This simplicity ensures quick and easy set-up, use, cleaning and maintenance.
Patients receive effective and comfortable therapy with advanced humidification therapy and personalized pressure delivery during sleep and awake states. The navigation menu is intuitive. Travel needs are satisfied with a compact and robust Auto CPAP that can be adjusted for altitude and voltage anywhere in the world.

Ambient Tracking™ Plus
The SleepStyle™ 200 Auto Series is a fully integrated solution offering patented Ambient Tracking™ Plus humidification.
Ambient Tracking™ Plus provides effective humidification under changing conditions by:
minimizing condensation to prevent mask pressure fluctuations and algorithm disruptions
maximizing humidity during leaks to prevent nasal discomfort.

Technical Details

Length: 275mm

Width: 170mm

Height: 140mm

Weight: 1.9 Kg

Performance: 4~20cmH2O

Altitude Adjustment: Up to 3000m

Supply Frequency: 50-60Hz

Voltage-Current: 220-240V (0.8A, 1.8A max)

                          100-115V (1.2A, En yüksek 1.3A max)

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