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DeVilbiss Healthcare FlexSet Mask


Brand: DeVilbiss Healthcare

Model: FlexSet® Mask

The effectiveness of sleep therapy is often determined by the patient's mask. The new DeVilbiss FlexSet Mask combines improved silicone technology with an adjustable frame to ensure a secure seal and maximum patient comfort.Available in Standard and Shallow sizes and standard or gel materials.



Product Highlights

One-piece Self-anchoring Headgear.

Dual-pivoting Forehead Rest and Mask Bridge.

Soft Breath-O-Prene® Forehead Pads.

Multiple Forehead Pads.

Straight Up or 360 Degree Mask Elbow.

Dual Disconnects

Patented Self-Directed Adjustable Exhaust Port.

Removeable/replaceable cushion.

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