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Brand: DSA®

Model: PURE WATER for Healthcare Devices

Since the pure water is indipensable for medical, biomedical and  healthcare devices, DSA® PURE WATER is exclusively adopted and recommended for oxygen concentrators, medical humidifiers, and sleep apnea therapy units like CPAP, Auto CPAP, and BPAP.  Today, choosing pure water for disposable water using devices enhances the quailty of the service and extends lifetime.





This is eligable for all medical, biomedical and healthcare related instruments. Using medical pure water is a must for the process in some medical devices such as blood analysis and dialysis.

Another field of the pure water is medical humidifiers. To ensure the safety of the patient and the most efficient therapy, CPAP, Auto CPAP, BPAP, and Oxygen Concentrators humidifiers should be utilized with medical pure water.

The benefits of medical pure water for heater humidifier units:

  • Prolongs lifetime of the unit by preventing calcification and retention of minerals, and harmful results of the calcification.

  • In most CPAP and BPAP heater humidifier units, the base is made of aluminium. In case of not using pure water, calcification occurs on metalic surface which causes errors at the level of humidification process. Thus patients experience xerostomia (dry mouth) in mornings. Therefore for a regular humidification level and to prevent xerostomia, it is essential to use medical pure water.

  • With the benefit of its production process, using medical pure water and cleaning the unit regularly prevent the bacteria and moss (alga) reproduction in humudification unit and various infections.

  • One of the worst cases for the patients using oxygen concentrator is the insufficient oxygen intake due to calcification and mineral retention in nasal cannula. Nasal cannula needs to be changed frequently becouse of calcification and retention. Tap water, boiled and cooled water or bottled water causes mineral retention and calcification in the cannula. Accordingly, the cannula’s nasal part hardens and may damages inner surfaces of the nose. These problems less likely occur with the medical pure water and the cannula needs to be changed rarely.

  • Medical pure water prevents bacteria and moss reproduction in water chamber of oxygen concentrator.

  • Keeps your CPAP unit clean and looks new.

Usage Areas Of Medical Pure Water

  • Heater humidifier units of CPAP, Auto CPAP (APAP), and BPAP units,
  • Humidifiers of Oxygen Concentrators,
  • Dialysis intruments,
  • Blood analyze instruments,
  • CO2 Incubators,
  • Maintenance and utilization of miscallencius medical devices and humidification units.

DSA® PURE WATER is available in 1 liter and 5 liter plastic cans.

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